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Welcome to Vaughan Art

Greg Vaughan has been creating unique designs for businesses on Cape Cod for over 30 years. Vaughan Art is a premier provider of Custom Signs, Car and Truck Lettering, Logo Design, Airbrushing, and his specialty, Killer Krabs. Many of the most noticeable signs on Cape Cod can be traced back to his shop.

Vehicle Lettering

Vaughan Art has perfected vehicle lettering, with more than 1,200 cars and trucks lettered over the past 30 years. Greg will get your car or truck in and out quickly at an affordable price. Give your business the look it deserves with a trip to the Vaughan Art garage.

Logo Design

Whether you are just starting out or your established business could use a facelift, Greg and his team will create the perfect design for you. You’ll be proud to hand out business cards and drive through town with a unique, tasteful, and professional logo design from Vaughan Art.

Custom Signs

The sign out front represents you and your business. Make a great first impression on new customers and instill brand confidence with a professional customized sign from Vaughan Art. Whether it’s for a home, business, or special event, Greg’s experience and meticulous detail ensures you will have an end result second to none.

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